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We are designing a new frequency, consciousness, and culture for the 21st Century.

- No Choice -

Was the word from the voice… Here we have an opportunity to return to our innocence, to care and nourish, to dive deeper, to find the inner truth of our spirit, and to honor life as it is.
To welcome the Spirits of the four sacred direction and within the mandala wheel recognize the truth.
As above so below. As within so without...  

No choice than living our true nature, and to embrace this experience with all of our being and embody the fullness of who we are and have always been…

Arousing from the will to reach the innocence and perfect the form. You are a child of the Earth, the breath of the Stars and infinitely free…

Welcome on Earth as a Passenger Consciousness, Dear one...

The witness returns through the womb, to build and bond, make more,
measure and die.
- Ra Uru Hu

- Walk The Talk -


Envisioned by Benjamin Torre, Generator 6/2, LAX of Prevention, and deeply supported by Tom Pfeiffer 6/2, LAX of Migration,
The HUB27 is a genuine co-creation of renegade souls that have been in design for years, living it and experiencing it, eager to live in harmony, and getting ready for the mutation of the background frequency in 2027. 

The HUB27 is a living organism that is birthing itself into Love Unity Consciousness. 

With the manipulation of our sovereignty through making decision and private data on social media, the increased need for emotional & physical security with self-empowerment, we decided it's time to plan an exit from this society with its increasing stress, pressure, and censorship.
We want to dedicate our time and energy to our fractal line so we Thank You for being a part of our wolf-pack and helping us grow away from the influence of the sinking boat, homogenized Cross of Planning society.

This space is yours to co-create. Can you choose love over fear? 

- This is the construct -


Love is all that matter - The HUB27 is a community of daring and bolding souls, people who vow to live from their heart, Spiritual Warriors, Jedi Masters, Consciousness Hackers, Seekers, Stories Tellers, Adventurers, Space Time Travelers, just name it… 

Please come in, you are invited, you have been asked, come in so we can gather like our ancestors. Together we gather to remember. 

To remember the truth of our nature, to respond to life, to be invited to guide, to inform our actions, to dance with the moon and be surprised. 

We gather to experience and witness our uniqueness, to share our individuality, we gather to re-enforce and strengthen our inner authority, and to hold each other accountable. We gather because we are a collective, tribal and individual species. In rituals, ceremonies, with logic or abstract, we sing, share stories and grow together, in harmony with nature, in symbiosis with the Sun and Earth, in symphony with the universe, overtime, right here, right now.

We are People who decided at some point to break free from the Mind and stand for their BirthRights such as Joy, Happiness, Health, and to return to the innocence of the soul, to what is real; LOVE

BreathWork, Human Design, NLP, Shamanism, Ancient Knowledge, Quantum Physics, Cryptocurrency, Law of Attraction, Art, Music, Sexuality, Human's Relationships, The HUB27 is a great way to absorb information as yourself, without others being in your aura. It is a safe environment because there is no energetic risk or influence for you to practice, to learn and experiment like working with a flight simulator before actually flying a plane!

Through Topics, Groups, Events, Audios, Videos, Live Zoom Meeting you will get all the support you need to find your way to unleash your potential.

“This is the construct. It’s our loading program. We can load anything from clothing, to equipment, weapons, training simulations, anything we need” - Morpheus, The Matrix 

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